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What is SPdate?

SPdate is the hottest new adult dating site on the scene, already featuring millions of users of every size, shape, age and race all across the world. SPdate users are tired of the stress and hard work that comes with regular dating, so they've joined our platform to find easy sex, impulsive hookups and one night stands.

SPdate is much more than an online casual dating platform. It's one of the most visited new hookup sites around thanks to its amazing features, active users and the fact it's almost too easy to get laid with hot chicks on here. All of the other members on SPdate just want the same thing as you - hassle-free hookups.

Best of all, male members don't have to be rich or shredded to get attention on here. This isn't like competitor dating sites where everything is based on looks. SPdate is overflowing with horny local women who just want a man to give them exactly what they need. They don't care what you look like or how much money you earn. They just want a man with a functioning dick in his pants. Are you able to give it to them?
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How Does SPdate Work?

Sign up, create your account and start meeting women straight away. It's as simple as that. You don't have to input loads of personal information or go through hours of personality questionnaires. All you need is a username, e-mail address and a few photos and you can start flirting with local babes within a few minutes of signing up!

Unlike other adult dating sites, SPdate doesn't rely on a swiping system. You can scroll other members at your leisure and pick out the ones who grab your eye. You can then use the SPdate chat function to begin a conversation straight away. No hassle, no matchmaking, no bullshit. We do have a matchmaking feature for those who want to use it but it's not a requirement!

Don't just take our word for everything we're telling you, either. Check out any SPdate review on the internet and you'll see hundreds of testimonials from other members who've successfully used SPdate to find easy sex with local hotties. All you need to do is hit the sign up button now and you could be on your way to a life of sexual exploration with hot teens, MILFs and cougars in your area tonight!

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Powerful Mobile App Features That Actually Work

SPdate is more than just a dating platform. Check out all the features that make meeting other members a total joy. Whether it's our free membership features or our premium ones, there's something in here to help you get laid tonight. Here's what we offer:

Fast Registration Process

Most dating websites require you to fill out questionnaires and personal information. Not SPdate. You can be chatting to other members within 2 minutes of your SPdate registration.

Real Users

SPdate weeds out any fake users and instantly bans them from our dating site. Everyone you interact with on our platform is a real, geunuine user.

Purely Casual Sex

We only attract users who are looking for casual relationships, one night stands and impulsive hookups. No one here looking for love or boring regular dating.

Sex Request

Found someone you want to have sex with right away? Instead of sending them SPdate messages, just use the Sex Request feature. If they accept, you can then meetup straight away!

Discovery Feature

Browse and swipe through profile pictures with our Discovery Feature. Swipe yes on profile photos you like, no on ones you don't. If you make a match, you two can start sending messages.

Low Cost Premium Membership

Premium membership is cheap and fair and keeps our dating site absolutely free of ads! As a paid member, you have access to perks to help you stand out from the crowd.

See Top Users

Every day SP Date shows the top users and most active users on the homepage with their profile picture. These members are a sure thing when it comes to getting laid!

Sexy Member Videos

SP Date members love showing themselves off. Get access to thousands of pictures, videos and member-uploaded content.

Safe & Secure

Your personal information is safe on SP Date. We maintain high security features on both our desktop and mobile version of the site. We don't sell data to third parties.

No Fake Profiles

Hookup sites are full of fake profiles - not ours. Check any SPdate review and see for yourself. Our support team stamps out fake profiles straight away.
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#1 Dating Site to Get Laid Fast

There are millions of dating sites and mobile apps out there guaranteeing instant sex, but do you know how many of them work? Almost none. That's why SPdate has jumped in to fill that void. There are millions of women out there right now, scrolling through POF on the hunt for an impulsive fuck, but all they're finding is losers desperate to be loved.

But SPdate is a treasure trove of horny, sex-positive locals who have no interest in the lovey-dovey stuff. Check out any SPdate site review and the thing they'll praise the most is the open-minded, liberated nature of the users on here. When you strike up a conversation with female users, they already know that you just want to get in their pants. It's a mutual agreement. Therefore, you don't have to waste hours chatting about boring crap.

If you want to get things off to an explosive start, just use the Discovery and Request features. Seen a profile photo that gets your juices flowing? Send a hookup request and wait for their reply. If they say yes (and given how horny these ladies are, they usually do), then it's just a matter of arranging and time and place to start fucking. Did you ever think finding someone to bang would ever be this simple?

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Other Dating Sites Can't Compare

How many dating sites and hookup sites have you used before? How many were ghost towns? How many turned out to be a scam site? If you've found yourself here, chances are you've tried them all. Tinder, POF, Match, all of the big names. But if you're here, that means these dating sites have let you down. With SPdate, we guarantee you'll find someone to fuck the same day you sign up.

The reason is that SPdate only attracts the frisky, horny babes who just want promiscuous sex. Take a look around our page and see for yourself. Everything we do is is done to attract men and women who are sick of playing the dating game, and given our millions of happy and loyal customers, it definitely works.

It's not hard to believe. Girls date too. Girls want easy sex too. You think these girls want to go on three dates before society allows them to jump into bed with their new boy toy? Hell no, these girls want to ride that dick and kick you out of their apartment right away. SPdate helps them strip away these societal restrictions and enjoy sexual freedom in an open-minded and judgment-free environment.

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Find Hookups, Fuck Buddies & More On SPdate

There's one thing that all SPdate users have in mind: they all want to fuck. But different users are looking for different things. Look at that hot neighbour of yours who takes a different guy home every week. She obviously enjoys variety. But what about that slutty co-worker who has five regular guys she bangs? Here are the kinds of relationships you'll find on SPdate:


Also known as one night stands, these are the most common types of relationships you'll find on SPdate. You chat to a girl, you arrange a place to meet and you fuck each other's brains out. That's a hookup in a nutshell. Once the deed is done, you both go back to your respective lives with big smiles on your faces. You might meet up again in the future but you probably won't.

Fuck Buddies

Another favorite of our SPdate members, a fuck buddy is someone you bang regularly. Whenever one of you has an itch only orgasm can scratch, you two arrange to meet up and then screw each other senseless. You don't hang out, you don't date, and you don't know much about each other. The only thing you have in common is that your genitals match. That's a fuck buddy relationship and there's millions of women on SPdate hunting for one right this second.


FWBs, also known as Friends With Benefits. In these kinds of relationships, you might do things outside the bedroom with the person you're screwing. You might watch TV or have a drink, but usually, this all comes after you're done having sex. A Friends With Benefits deal is perfect if you like the chick you're hitting, and it lets you evolve into a long-term relationship if that's what you're looking for. Right now there are a hundred babes within 10 miles of you looking for a FWB arrangement.

Casual Dating

This one's not for everyone but it has its place. It's true that some guys like hitting the bars and restaurants with the girl they're seeing, and if so, a casual dating relationship is right up your street. Of course, the ladies enjoy it too, providing you've already serviced her in the bedroom. Casual daters hang out a lot more than fuck buddies and do social things together, but the relationship is still based around physical activity.
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See What Other Users Are Saying

SPdate already has millions of satisfied members from all over the world. Here's what two of our happy customers have to say about our dating website:
David M, SPdate review

SPdate is the best adult dating site around today, period. Believe me, I've tried them all, and there's only one that gets me laid every time I log in. That's this one. I first started with the free membership and that got me pretty far, but as soon as I got a premium SPdate subscription, that's when my phone became overloaded with messages, sex requests and nude photos.

23 comments, 16 shares
Liam S, SPdate review

I read some SPdate reviews before trying it and I was like, no way, this c an't be legit. I sampled the SPdate free membership and was honestly blown away by how easy it all was. I've never been a big dating site guy but SPdate just made it so easy to find willing chicks near me. Since signing up I've started about ten different no strings attached relationships and don't plan on stopping any time soon!

103 comments, 56 shares

Say Goodbye to Regular Dating

Normal dating is dead. Feminism and female empowerment has put an end to traditional dating. In the modern world, it's sexist or offensive to take a woman out, treat her nicely and hope that she returns the favor by spreading her legs for you. These days, if you want to see easy pussy, you have to get involved in hookup culture.

Luckily, there are plenty of REAL women out there who love nothing more than screwing a random stranger and leaving with his mess all over her lips. If you want to meet a feminist who's going to make you take her on three expensive dates before finally dropping to her knees, go on If you want a sexually-liberated slut who doesn't even care what your name is, SPdate is where you need to be.

Hookups provide all the same perks of regular dating but don't involve all the time, effort and expense. Kick regular dating to the curb and start enjoying what SPdate has to offer; convenience, fun and instant satisfaction.

No more expensive dates

Never again will you need to buy flowers, jewelry or other costly gifts. Hell, you won't even need to meet up to 'date' ever again. The frisky local women on SPdate don't expect that and don't even want it. Just like you, they don't have the time or interest to do the whole dating thing again. They just want to meet up, screw hard and part ways.

Looks don't matter

Do you have a dick between your legs? Good, because that's the only criteria to sign up to SPdate. Providing you're a man and above legal age, that's all these women care about. You don't have to be a ripped-hunk or a sugar daddy. In fact, the ladies on SPdate love nothing more than a little variety. It doesn't matter if you're a janitor or a CEO, SPdate hotties will want to sample your meat.

Girls of every type

Check any SPdate review and you'll see this mentioned. There's no targeted demographic on SPdate, meaning you'll find teens, cougars, MILFs, bored housewives, Asian hotties, ebony beauties and even BBW chicks to have some late night fun with. Women of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities call SPdate their home, so whatever your preference is you'll find it on here.

Kinky bitches

If the vanilla stuff isn't your kind of thing, you'll fit right at home here. The relaxed atmosphere of the SPdate members area means it's a magnet for the wilder babes out there. The chicks who like it rough. The bored housewives looking for extra-marital cock while their husbands are at work. If you want something a little out of the ordinary, as well as straight-up fucking, you've come to the right place.

Safety tips

Sexual freedom is fun, but the only way you can keep it up long term is to stay safe! That means always be protected whenever you meet up with these sexy strangers. Condoms, birth control, whatever it is, take every precaution to make sure you don't end up with love bumps down below. It's also a good idea to take your chat message over to phone before meeting up too!
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Stop Using Dating Websites, and Find Sex the Easy Way on SPdate!

Our conclusion? SPdate makes getting laid easier than ever before. You can sign up, create your account and be chatting to local hotties within a few minutes. You can't do that on literally any other dating site out there, so if you want maximum fun with minimal hassle, come right in and join the fun today. You can even get laid for free - there are literally no cons of SPdate at all!

We should warn you that if decide to use our dating website, your sexual activity will skyrocket. Every sex request that comes through to your inbox will be answered with a resounding YES, and you'll find yourself in a different bedroom every night of the week. Pray that your sexual stamina can handle it!

Don't believe us? Check out any SPdate review on the internet and see testimonials of real people. Come and join our sex-hungry community today and invigorate your sex life. We guarantee you'll never need another dating website again.
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Pros of SPdate

You can check out any SPdate review and find hundreds of positives about our platform. But there are certain things that keep our loyal users coming back time and time again. Here are just some of the reasons SPdate is the hottest platform today:

Active users

We have millions of registered members, with over 200,000 active members at any one time. That's a hell of a lot of people looking for easy sex right this second. Not only do we have a very active user base, but we also have a new user sign up every few seconds! Our platform is constantly growing and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future!

Casual atmosphere

SPdate keeps things relaxed. The act of meeting someone new and having sex with them should be an enjoyable, casual experience that you both want to do time and time again. That's why we've done everything we can to make our app and website soothing, appealing and sexy.

Thriving community

We nurture a strong community of like-minded people where you can engage and discuss your sexual needs in confidentiality and discretion. On SPdate, you can be as open about your kinks and fetishes as you please.

Personalized recommendation

SPdate gives you new matches every day without fail. These matches will be based on your location, interests and sexual compatability. This way, you don't have to spend all day searching through our users to find someone you fancy. We do the hard work for you, bringing you the hottest matches right to your front page.

Location based matching

Find people in your area instantly. With our seach function, you can narrow down by people who are right on your doorstep. Given our huge user base, there's every chance you could run into someone you know on here. Maybe that slutty neighbor who takes home a different guy every week? Maybe that hot chick you keep seeing at the grocery store? The opportunities are limitless with our location matching system.

Mobile app

Unlike a lot of new dating sites, SPdate has a dedicated mobile app, allowing you to match and chat on the move. Our mobile app includes all of the same features as the desktop version, all condensed into one simple-to-use design. And for anyone who doesn't want to use an app, our site is fully optimized for mobile browser too. You don't have to be tethered to your desktop or laptop to use SPdate.

Affordable membership

Check out any SPdate review and you'll find that our membership prices are universally praised. We keep costs to a minimum but keep quality high. Even if you can't stretch to our premium package, you'll still be able to get laid with our free features too! However, our premium account perks will help you stand out from the crowd.

Repuable platform

SPdate might be a new site on the hookup scene, but we're a trustworthy brand that have been involved in the social networks scene for many years. We already have several established platforms under our banner, so you can rest assured that we're a reliable organization.
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Still Have Questions Before You Create An SPdate Account?

How to login to SPdate?

1. Head to SPdate website or SPdate app
2. Click 'Login' in the top right hand corner
3. Input your e-mail address and password or your Facebook account login
4. You will be logged in to your SPdate profile

Is SPdate fake?

No, SPDate not a fake dating site. It has millions of real members all of the world. A premium membership subscription is required to use the dating site to its fullest, but the site offers a number of interesting features and is good value for money.

Who owns SPdate?

SPdate is owned by Digital International Inc based in Cyprus. Digital International Inc also own a number of popular sites, including adult dating sites and social networks.

How to logout of SPdate?

1. Head to the SPdate website or app
2. Click 'My Profile' in the top right corner
3. From the table of contents, click 'Logout of my SPdate account'
4. You will be logged out of your SPdate account

How do I delete my SPdate profile?

1. Head to the SPdate site or app
2. Click 'My Profile' in the top right corner
3. From the table of contents, click 'Delete profile'
4. Your premium membership will be canceled if you delete your profile
5. Your details will be removed from the online dating platform